A Selection of Global Case Studies

TotalEnergies Corbion

An executive recruitment collaboration with a biomaterials business.

TotalEnergies Corbion is a global leader in marketing, sales and the production of Poly Lactic Acid (PLA). PLA is a biobased, recyclable and industrially compostable polymer made from renewable resources, and offering a reduced carbon footprint versus traditional plastics.

Listgrove have enjoyed working with TotalEnergies Corbion, helping the company source executive talent to underpin their targeted growth strategy. Initially, our collaboration supported the appointment of two Market Segment Leaders, who are playing an integral role in ensuring the company's value and product proposition reaches the markets with the greatest potential.

Following the success of this hiring strategy, Listgrove also supported the recruitment a Global Supply Chain Director, which is a board level appointment.

How Listgrove supported

TotalEnergies Corbion had previously hired through its own network but after some challenges, were seeking a recruitment partner that really understood the market and how to find top executive talent for their business. Listgrove’s knowledge of the plastics and packaging sectors, as well as our extensive network in those areas, were key factors for TotalEnergies Corbion when they were deciding who to work with.

The HR team were keen to develop a good partnership with an expert recruiter, to apply specialist focus on their areas of interest. Following several highly successful recruitment campaigns, they were delighted with Listgrove's approach and subsequent changes to their own recruitment process. TotalEnergies Corbion now consider Listgrove as their partner of choice for niche and specialist roles, that require an in-depth knowledge of their industry. 

What Candidates Say

“Conrad was very knowledgeable about the role and I appreciated his enthusiasm for this particular opportunity. He supported me through the process with good communication, proactivity and feedback.  I was pleased to be offered the opportunity to join TotalEnergies Corbion and am looking forward to a long successful career with a progressive environmentally conscious organisation.”

What Clients Say

“As a growing organization we were looking for a reliable partner to enable us to find and attract the right talent with knowledge of the industry. In Listgrove we found that partner and from the beginning this collaboration was smooth. With a personal touch, no nonsense mentality and knowledge of the industry they were able to find our new Market Segment Leaders.”

HR Manager