A Selection of Global Case Studies

The Compound Company

Recruitment for a fast-growing, sales-led business.

The Compound Company is a fast-growing company based in The Netherlands. Their portfolio features a wide range of specialty applications – from adhesive resins for buildings to compounding additives for plastic recycling.

The Listgrove team has enjoyed developing a new partnership with The Compound Company. Knowing how important it was for our client to deliver on their ambitious growth targets meant using our global networks to efficiently search for the right people for the roles.

How Listgrove supported

The main challenge for The Compound Company was a lack of internal time and resource to handle difficult recruitment campaigns. Advertising was bringing in a high volume of irrelevant applications and it was difficult to achieve the quick turnaround required.

By outsourcing technical and sales roles to Listgrove, the team at The Compound Company were able to concentrate on interviewing carefully selected candidates within a timeframe that suited them. Regular contact was arranged for every two weeks throughout the campaigns, to ensure that timely, relevant updates were provided at all key milestones.

Listgrove’s global reach and industry network gave The Compound Company access to the best candidates without having to do the time-consuming cv sifting and first-round interviews. Instead, they were able to concentrate on understanding if the candidate would be a good cultural fit and presenting themselves as an employer of choice.

What Candidates Say

‘The whole application process was very professional, friendly and open. Communication was always very quick. By telephone or e-mail, my questions were always answered very fast. From the first approach to signing the contract it took only a little more than 4 weeks.’

What Clients Say

'We selected Listgrove because of their recruiting experience in the plastic and compounding industry. We were trying to fill in the position for quite some time without success, but with Listgrove on our side, we got to speed quickly.'

HR Manager - The Compound Company

‘The cooperation with Listgrove was very nice, they recommended only well selected profiles, responded quickly and I really liked their super friendly and warm way of communication. Thanks for the good work and the nice cooperation with Listgrove.’

Head of Sales - The Compound Company