A Selection of Global Case Studies


An innovative business at the forefront of industrial plastic-free polymer technology, needed a partner capable of delivering ‘outside of the box’ recruitment and talent solutions.

Lactips is a pioneer in protein-based natural materials. The company have rethought plastics, by developing and manufacturing a material that is 100% bio-sourced, water-soluble and fully biodegradable, in all environments and that can be processed like any plastic. The business produces thermoplastic pellets with its patented technology, which uses natural milk proteins (caseins) as its raw material and have commercialized their technology in markets, such as flexible film, paper packaging, labels, agriculture and outdoor sports.

Lactips support manufacturers in ecological and regulatory transition - to improve the recyclability of plastics and create new, specific solutions, as well as helping with their circular-economy strategies and in responding to present and future environmental challenges faced by industry.

How Listgrove supported

Lactips were looking for a Business Development Manager, to help promote their unique name and product offering, within the international marketplace. To source candidates capable of delivering on those tasks effectively, they needed a talent partner with expert knowledge and a strong network within the polymer industry.

As a highly innovative business on a rapid growth trajectory, they were seeking a dynamic individual with the ability to ‘wear many hats’. The profile requirement was for a polymer expert, able to identify new partners and projects for their groundbreaking, patented technology, whilst supporting NPD/ technical projects.

What Candidates Say

“My experience working with Listgrove was very professional. Ellie Guest was really listening to me. She of course understood my motivation, but more than that, she has a great empathy which helped her to determine if I could be the one matching the spirit of the company. I believe this is really important in this case as Lactips still has a start-up spirit.”

Business Development Manager, Lactips France

What Clients Say

“One challenge was to find the right partner, that would understand our business and positioning, and that would be able to "sell" our Value Proposition to the targeted talents. I had an excellent experience with Listgrove. The consultants understood very well our needs and our environment. They are very pragmatic with a robust process, and very quick in delivering.”

VP Sales & Marketing, Lactips France