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Cherwell Laboratories

Providing end-to-end, HR professional-led recruitment solutions for a rapid growth plan.

Cherwell Laboratories is a specialist supplier of ‘cleanroom microbiology solutions’.

Cherwell focuses on supplying high quality products and services for environmental monitoring and process validation for healthcare, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

From the head office site in the UK, Cherwell manufactures Redipor® Prepared Media, a range of microbiological media products which has been developed to meet the specific needs of Cherwell’s customers. Cherwell also supplies SAS® microbial air samplers as well as a range of EM accessories.

How Listgrove supported

When Cherwell Laboratories recruited a new Operations Director in 2016, they embarked upon an exciting transformation journey, requiring rapid growth across almost all functions of the business.

Previously, Cherwell had worked with local agencies to recruit into individual roles, however, knowing the scale of the task at hand, they decided that engaging Listgrove as a specialist manufacturing partner would be beneficial to deliver on their ambitious targets.

With multiple roles in quality, engineering, supply chain, HR, sales and marketing all to be filled over a five-year period, amongst other transformation projects, such as the implementation of a new ERP system, time and resource internally were at a premium.

Listgrove’s HR professionals managed the recruitment process from end-to-end, including all first-stage interviews, meaning that the hiring managers at Cherwell only met with candidates that had passed an already rigorous process to ensure they possessed the relevant experience and skillset.

By operating this way, the Cherwell team could focus on culture-fit and behaviours for the role, knowing that much of the necessary due-diligence had been completed by the specialists at Listgrove, saving precious time and cutting the time-to-hire time considerably.

By working so closely with Cherwell across all areas of the business, Listgrove have been able to develop a clear understanding of what a great candidate for Cherwell looks like, often hiring those with the potential and capacity to progress quickly within the business.

What Candidates Say

“I am thrilled to join Cherwell Laboratories which is a particularly good fit for me and my experience as a microbiologist. Cherwell has an excellent reputation for manufacturing quality cleanroom microbiology products and providing outstanding customer service. Listgrove provided excellent support and real understanding of the employer and employee needs to ensure a good fit.”

Business Development Manager, Cherwell Laboratories

What Clients Say

“Having worked closely with Listgrove for 17 years, they are absolutely my recruiter of choice. During that period together we have recruited a significant number of candidates into three organisations, two manufacturing and one research and development company across a whole variety of disciplines. The differentiator for me has been the level of diligence applied to the cultural fit as well as the ability to find candidates who can add value to the organisation. As a result retention rates are high and mutual success of candidate and company are assured.”

Operations Director, Cherwell Laboratories