A Selection of Global Case Studies

GIL Investments

Appointing a CEO for a VC-backed Plastics Group.

GIL Investments is a UK-headquartered private investment firm which acquires controlling stakes in businesses and aims to support their growth over the long term. The company has a track record of successful investing over 30 years, with a particular focus on manufacturing and engineering firms. 

During 2022, GIL acquired a medium sized international plastics group, now known as Shapers Technologies, with factories in the UK, France and Poland.  A new CEO was required to support the growth objectives of the business and introduce a more cohesive structure into the group.

How Listgrove supported

GIL Investments had successfully worked with Listgrove on previous projects and appreciated their expertise/ network within the polymer industry. They were looking for a recruitment partner that could deliver a well experienced and capable CEO to drive the growth of Shapers Technologies.  Integral to this strategy was someone who had a broad business background – strong technical understanding of plastics, operational capability to ensure the integrity of all the sites and solid commercial leadership to drive business performance. 

Listgrove became the trusted partner to conduct a comprehensive search for candidates who fitted these credentials and lead the hiring strategy.  Through this search and drawing on their knowledge of the plastics sector, Listgrove supported GIL with the appointment of a new CEO and a Non-Exec Director to fulfil Chairperson duties.

What Candidates Say

“I have known of Listgrove for many years because of their association with the plastics industry and strong reputation as an executive recruiter.  I was therefore pleased and curious to hear from them when they contacted me about a new CEO opportunity. I found Conrad to be well-informed as he was very clear about the scope of the role and the associated challenges.  This gave me a measure of confidence that it would be an attractive position for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Listgrove. Indeed, I have recently used their services to recruit a General Manager for one of the Shapers’ sites and can therefore vouch for them both as a candidate and client.”

Chief Executive Office, Shapers Group


What Clients Say

“I have personally worked with Listgrove for several years on various senior level assignments within GIL’s portfolio of businesses. Their ability to align to the brief has been excellent and they take the time to understand the needs of the client very well and deliver, sometimes within critical timeframes. Through a sound network they are able to present candidates who demonstrate sound levels of experience across various disciplines and markets and they act as a solid partner throughout the process. The latest search and appointment of the CEO at Shapers Group has been a considerable success and Listgrove will continue to be a strategic partner for us moving forward.”

Chief Financial Officer, Gil Investments